Nielsen Capital Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S (NCMF) is a financial undertaking offering specialised investment advice to a number of investment associations, foundations, limited liability companies and other affluent investors in and outside Denmark. NCMF is registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority as an investment service company authorised to provide portfolio management and advisory services.

The volume of assets managed by NCMF only grows based on the word-of-mouth principle and is not marketed traditionally. NCMF serves as adviser for 8 mandates, including two investment associations and two capital associations. NCMF is based on analysis and investment and pursues a return-oriented target for NCMF’s customers. As a consequence, NCMF does not have a basis for existence if NCMF fails to generate satisfactory long-term absolute returns concurrently with a higher return for its customers than the general equity markets.

NCMF was founded in March 2002 and was established by Ole Nielsen. As an acknowledged expert in the investment field of Value Investing, Ole Nielsen has been very successful in identifying value on international equity markets for more than 30 years. Ole Nielsen has been a fund manager of both Danish and international mutual funds that have attained top rankings compared to other mutual funds.


But the combination of highly valued stocks, optimism and the fact that we have seldom found it this difficult to find underpriced companies tends to hamper our enthusiasm. Many years of experience tells us that there is shadow in paradise as well. We do not want to hunt for stocks in expectation of being able to or having to "follow suit" with the stock markets. We have our doubts and from experience we find wisdom in the saying: ”Results often follow – when adrenaline flows”.
Letter to Shareholders Nielsen Global Value 2005


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